Courtesy foundation is an Indian non-Government organization (NGO) that works towards restoring basic rights to survival for underprivileged Indian children's.

Unusually, the founders of Courtesy Foundation choose not to found grassroots-level implements organization working directly with and underprivileged children. Instead, they opted to make Courtesy Foundation a link between the millions of Indians who could provide resources and the thousands of dedicated field workers struggling to function for lack of them. They saw their roles as enables and in so doing created an institution that is a unique model of a community movement that takes responsibility for its weakest and most vulnerable members and motivated and catalysis change on their behalf.

Courtesy Foundation works to ensure that all rights are available to all categories of underprivileged children, including street children, girl children; children bonded in labour, children of commercial sex works. Physically and mentally challenged children.


To enable people to take responsibility for the solution of the deprived Indian child and so motivated them to confront the situation through collective action thereby giving the child and themselves an opportunities to realize their full potential.


To establishing and maintain orphanages, Destitute home, Cottages, Crèches, Old age homes, Handicapped, Blinds, Hospitals and provide Medical facility to rural and urban slum areas and encourage family planning.

To provide education facility for the poor childrens by establishing modern educational cultural and vocational training institutions like schools, convents, college's industrial technical professionals for the advancement of knowledge, run hostels, residential schools and colleges under the Trust.

To fight against child labour.

To educate and organize poor women, specially in mother and child care with nutrition food and to form Self Help Groups (SHGs) for empowerment through savings and thrift and to initiate social issues and development programmes for the welfare women.

To provide jobs to run employed youths.